Redwitch Playin' for Keeps
Redwitch Feel Free To Stare Redwitch Rave On Ch. Redwitch Dancing in the Dark
Ch. Oktumi Valentine at Redwitch
Redwitch in Your Dreams Ch. Redwitch Dancing in the Dark
Shinzam Snow Queen
Redwitch She's a Whitch and She's Red Ch. Ch. Redwitch Dancin' in the Dark Ch. Goshens Dark'n Debonaire at Redwitch
Ch. Lizda Zee-Zee Flash
Redwitch Better Beliveit Ch. Goshen's Bigger is Better at Redwitch
Redwitch Cover Girl
Namika's Pied Piper De'Torazo Of Woorlock
Excaliburs Atomic Playboy
Ch. Regalia Darqknight Excalibur Ch. Akiko's The Ring Master
Ch. Regalia's After Darq Big Benz
Ch. Carousel's Jagged Edge Ch. Crown Royals Getoff my Cloud
Ch. Carousel's Dreamin Of Gold
Mariah's The Chosen One
Ch. Minda's Wadda Catch By White Eagle Ch. Nia Minda Catcher In The Rye
Ch. Northstar's Shanghai Express
Ch. Masako Mariko-San Foonying Ch. Jubes Aki's I'm Pasta
Mariah's Suki Masako